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Hindu Rituals and Routines

Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. Unlike other religions, Hindu dharma has many specialties. This is not known as a religion, it is known as the dharma; Sanaathana Dharma. Sanaathana means, according to Bhagavath Geetha, which cannot be destroyed by fire,
weapons, water, air, and which is present in all living and non living being. Dharma means, the way of life which is the ‘total of all aachaaraas or customs and rituals’.

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Annual Christmas Vegetarian Lunch for Neighbours

Around 150 people enjoyed a sumptuous Vegan lunch on Sunday the 9th December 2012 at the Gurjar Hindu Union Apple tree Centre Crawley.

Amongst the guests were members of Crawley Council, Interfaith Group & Ifield neighbourhood watch. Bob Lanzer praised the Indian community for the positive role it plays in Crawley. Governors of GHU in their opening remarks said that the lunch is organised to foster friendship and understanding amongst the communities living in Crawley and to introduce people to the delights of  Indian vegetarian food and values of Hinduism. GHU members had worked hard to prepare the food and the vegan cakes after the lunch were a special hit.

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