Gujarati Classes

GHU Gujarati School is in full swing at the new Centre. Classes are open to all children aged six and above irrespective of their culture or religious background. Come with your child and see what we do or give We continue to look for teachers or helpers for Gujarati School. Please let Kokiben Patel know if you can support on paid or voluntary basis.

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To view the Gujarati classes brochure, click on the link below:

See Brochure

Children above 5 years old as well as adults can join the weekly classes conducted at 3 different levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate (for the students who completed their reading and writing exams)
  • Advanced (pre- and GCSE level students)

Timing: Every Saturday from 10am-12.30pm (Includes 10am Aarti)

School Head – Kokilaben Patel

Gurjar Hindu Union welcomes all who have an interest in Indian art and culture and Language  classes. Look out for adult evening classes in near future

For further details please contact:
Kokilaben Patel – 07950245715 (
School Run By Governor Kokilaben Patel
School Head – Kokilaben Patel

For the Gujarati School our vision is that the teaching and outcomes should be of same comparable standard with that of mainstream school.

The Gujarati teaching should support pupils to maintain their language skills, increase their Hindu cultural heritage and develop their distinct identity as members of wider community.

GHU Gujarati School is part of Crawley Community Language Network. Teachers (Kokilaben Patel, Binitaben Kataria, Jagrutiben , Dhavalbhai Joshi and Ashwinbhai Soni ) Ashwinbhai and Kokilaben attended 10-week course to improve their teaching skills.

It has become a reality thanks to learn Gujarati and share the greatness of the Indian heritage through your computer.

Experience the Gujarati language and get a cultural connection. Nearly 45 million people worldwide speak Gujarati. We shall develop this section so that you can start learning and using the language.

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